Monthly Archives: July 2013

ZealBot AlphaBots ~ Artificial Emotional Intelligence


Wow– the end of another Alphabet Project! Of course I still have a few stragglers to fill in, but I must say I’m happy to be (nearly) done with this one. Over the past six months I’ve certainly learned a lot about Adobe Illustrator,* but frankly I’ve lost much of my zeal for vector & robots, & I’m itching to get back to more organic artwork, both in subject matter & technique. I have a completely different & fun new series in my head & can’t wait to get started! I’m hoping to have my first piece up in the next week or two– stay tuned!

In the meantime, check out everybody’s AlphaBots from A to Z here!

*I just learned about the Distort/Roughen effect, which I used (twice) on a zig-zag path, to make the zap of electricity on this guy’s head look more convincingly random.

Cartozia Tales Sneak Peek Issue 1 Cover Detail ~ Isaac Cates AD


I’m excited to be a part of this inventive new comic!  Conceived by Isaac Cates, it is co-created by a team of writers and artists who take turns telling fantastic stories about various sectors of an imaginary world, Cartozia. It’s really a fascinating system– read more about it here.

The first issue should be coming out in August, & can be pre-ordered now.

YearningBot AlphaBots ~ Artificial Emotional Intelligence


I’m not sure what this bot is yearning for, but I’m yearning for more time to do all the things I need/want to do (including catching up on the missing AlphaBots)!

Illustration Friday folks, this is the next to last image in an alphabetical series I’ve been working on, called AlphaBots ~ Artificial Emotional Intelligence. Trying to learn Adobe Illustrator while proving that robots have feelings too!

WistfulnessBot AlphaBots ~ Artificial Emotional Intelligence


You may have noticed a glaring lack of UV in this alphabet– no, it’s not due to excessive sunscreen use! The last couple of weeks have been a brain-frazzling swirl, but I do intend to fill in the gaps at some point. (I’ve done the sketches, just didn’t have time for AI.)

This is not the time of year when I’m prone to wistful reveries– they usually hit me when the days are short– but this song can sometimes bring them on, especially when I’m chained to the computer!