YearningBot AlphaBots ~ Artificial Emotional Intelligence


I’m not sure what this bot is yearning for, but I’m yearning for more time to do all the things I need/want to do (including catching up on the missing AlphaBots)!

Illustration Friday folks, this is the next to last image in an alphabetical series I’ve been working on, called AlphaBots ~ Artificial Emotional Intelligence. Trying to learn Adobe Illustrator while proving that robots have feelings too!

2 thoughts on “YearningBot AlphaBots ~ Artificial Emotional Intelligence

  1. heidi aldin

    Hey Leah! I love your YearningBot! You’ve done a great job showing expression and feeling in your little robot friends.
    Unfortunately I fell off the Alphabots wagon. (I explain on my IF submission.) It was a great challenge, one that I think I’ll continue on my own.

  2. Creations By Mit

    Great expression!! This week’s prompt fit nicely with your current project! Had it popped up afterwards, I don’t know how you could possibly choose just one of your fun robots to share!


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