2 thoughts on “The Old Man Plays from The Old Man and the Cat, written by Anthony Holcroft, Penguin 2012

  1. Angel L. Thornton

    Amazing! I love the playfulness of the subject, the color, the composition–pretty much everything. How do you get so much detail into your work, and how do you make the gold in the design look so metallic and real?

    1. Leah Post author

      Thank you so much, Angel! About the detail, I use very tiny brushes (usually Winsor & Newton Sceptre Gold size 0000) & often a magnifying headset. It takes many, many hours. I’m a bit obsessed with detail. :-) And to achieve the metallic gold effect I use multiple thin glazes of yellow to rust red to purplish-brown acrylic (usually Golden fluid acrylic, thinned with water with a touch of gloss medium), then add white highlights that are thick enough to be opaque.


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