Noctilucent Acrylic on Text on Canvas, 6″ x 6″

Our last A.Word.A.Day word this week (& this year) has such a lovely sound to my ear, & the phenomenon of noctilucent clouds is so magical that I couldn’t wait to illustrate it. My first sketch focused mainly on the clouds forming the letter N, but I added a tiny luna moth in the corner. My husband took one look at the sketch & said “Make the moth bigger!” We don’t always agree on such things but he was right about this one! It was a challenge, but a pleasure, to paint the shimmery wings of the moth & the luminous clouds in the sky. It was calming work at a time when there was very little calm to be found, here in the US at least. And it seems a fitting way to end this week, with enormous thanks to Anu for the light he always brings to the darkest times, with his carefully curated words of wisdom, amusement, & intrigue.

Prints of Noctilucent (& the original while it lasts) are in my Etsy shop, Curious Art Lab. It’s always a special delight when people mention A.Word.A.Day when they buy my art. It’s like a secret handshake of word-nerdery! Thanks to all of you, & see you next year!

2 thoughts on “Noctilucent Acrylic on Text on Canvas, 6″ x 6″

  1. David

    I’ve been getting Word-a-Day emails since the beginning of this century. The illustrated words are the best. When I first saw Noctilucent I was taken with how, I don’t really know, “lovely”? it was. Then here it is in my RSS feeds. Truly a beautiful, shimmering piece. I love the Luna moth and I love the landscape she inhabits This is a wonderful series.

    1. Leah Post author

      Thank you so much, David! I love the words Anu gives me to illustrate– I look forward to them every year– & to hearing from AWAD readers too!


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