Scandent Acrylic painting on text collage on canvas, 6"x6"

Scandent-Leah-Palmer-PreissGardening is one of my favorite activities, but inevitably there comes a time each year when I start to feel like this. It seems one minute I’m blithely puttering along, & the next, absolutely gobsmacked by the rampant growth of our North Carolina Summers. No matter how I try, I can’t keep up, so I just do what I can & hope for the best. Even a ramshackle, overgrown garden is better than no garden!

I read quite a lot of gardening books, but I don’t recall coming across this word before. The moment I saw it on Anu’s list I knew just what to paint! And “S” is such a wonderful letter– it’s graceful & decorative even in its simplest form, & very amenable to play & elaboration, whether calligraphic or illustrative.

If you’d like to see this painting & its print offshoots growing in their Etsy habitat, I welcome you to a garden tour! {Original SOLD}

3 thoughts on “Scandent Acrylic painting on text collage on canvas, 6"x6"

  1. Crotchety Comics

    Hi Leah, I like your coffee-klatsch chickens. I miss your art and promise to visit here more often.
    And I want to keep my blog more current than I have been, because I miss that community, too. Facebook is active but very monotonous (as you might know). -Ted

    1. Leah Post author

      Aw, thanks Ted, that means a lot coming from a chicken-master like yourself! And I know what you mean… it’s tough to keep up with all the things.

    2. artisjokken

      for sure very monotonous !!! And from next year FB likes to use our ART without permission for their commercial activities ! I think I will delete all my work from FB account or I will put across whole picture a copyright symbols!

      Leah, I love your new creatures ! I have to be here more often, to give my very intelligent comments :)
      I hope you are fine ….and the twins as well !!! ;)

      greeeeeetings from artichokistan


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