Gateway Creature Acrylic on vintage catalogue page

Oddment103-Otoroshi-LeahPalmerPreissLately I get the feeling that Illustration Friday has been making up topics just for me! I love painting creatures of all sorts. I’m actually working on a new piece that fits the topic AND the last, but until that’s done, I’m offering Otoroshi, as previously posted in my Oddments blog (which is chock-full o’ creatures, by the way):

“This week’s entry for AlphaBeasts is Otoroshi, an exceptionally hairy, tusk-bearing, gate-guarding monster. Normally he hangs out on temple gates, but this time he’s gracing a Marvel-ous wire number from Jim Brown’s Catalogue, 1939.”


One thought on “Gateway Creature Acrylic on vintage catalogue page

  1. Theo Padavano

    Great Creature!
    After a few months hiatus from Illustration Friday, it is so wonderful to see comments from artists I admire. I really enjoyed taking some time this morning to review your blog and see what I have been missing. Fantastic!


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