Entangled (Detail of larger painting) ~3" x 6"


“Entangled” is definitely my kind of word. I’ve always been irresistibly drawn to tendrils & coils & knots, anything twisty & intertwined. Dreaming┬áis crammed with such things, as are many of my paintings.

Acrylic on music & maps (scanned & printed from antique books) on canvas.


4 thoughts on “Entangled (Detail of larger painting) ~3" x 6"

  1. Sasa

    I like your twisty shapes, ‘entangled’ is definitely your word! Your style reminds me of a fairytale book I had as a child, unfortunately I don’t know the illustrator, but magical and a bit dark work.

    1. Leah Post author

      Thank you, Sasa! I wish I knew which book that was… I am inspired by so many books from my childhood on…


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