A.Word.A.Day A.gain! Curiotype Alphabet


It’s always thrilling to be a part of this amazing site. Thank you so much to Anu Garg for letting me play with his ever-inspiring word collection again!

My website crashed earlier, probably a fainting spell from sheer excitement. ;-) Not very felicitous timing, though– my apologies to anyone who received that doomly message. I hope all is well in server-land now, but if not, you can always reach me via TwitterFacebook, or my Etsy shop, CuriousArtLab.

2 thoughts on “A.Word.A.Day A.gain! Curiotype Alphabet

  1. Ms. Cruick

    I have been waiting for a few years now to see these illustrations again…always with the fear that it was a once in a lifetime thing but… here you are again! Yeah! I am a high school English teacher and I have used your letters to put my name on my classroom door but…I was missing a letter, the letter’D’. I had not given up the hope of completing it one of these days and my perseverance has finally paid off!
    So… this is my question…How do I get a copy of your entire alphabet? Do you have all the letters of the alphabet? There is such a wealth of information burried into each one of your letters that it proves facinating to all of my colleagues as well as my students. each time they look deeply, they see something new! If there is a cost associated with the acquisition of the alphabet, please let me know…I am sure I can get someone around here to see the value and therefore make the purchase…:)
    I look forward to finally completing my name and placing it on my classroom door this year!

    1. Leah Post author

      Thank you so much, Ms. Cruik! I’ve only done 15 letters so far, but I’m hoping Anu invites me back so I can complete the alphabet in two more years! (I’ll give him a break on “X” or “K” or something for that last one.)
      There is a complete alphabet of scientific terms– you can see it here
      — but it’s in a somewhat different style, not so detailed. I do have a poster of that alphabet, though it’s not in my shop at the moment. I can list it if you’re interested. :-)


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