Tinctures Sepia-tinted prints

Sepia print of bird from acrylic painting by Leah Palmer PreissI’ve recently added a new section to my Etsy shop, called Tinctures, where I offer digitally recolored versions of some of my most popular prints. I know not everyone shares my rabid enthusiasm for highly saturated colors, & to be honest, sometimes I’m in the mood for something a little more subtle myself! I do the recoloring in Photoshop, & I try to create a pleasantly muted effect without completely losing the color variations of the original– keeping just a breath of the original hues.

My word-loving friends may be curious why I call this series “Tinctures.” Though most commonly used today to describe a medicinal alcohol extract, “tincture” can also mean a tint or color. In fact it originated in Middle English, from Latin tinctura act of dyeing, from tinctus, past participle of tingere to tinge.

I like to think of these as coffee-flavored versions of my work! (Yes, I’m a java junkie.) What does that make the originals, I wonder? Fruit salad, perhaps?


4 thoughts on “Tinctures Sepia-tinted prints

  1. Tom Sarmo

    Wow–stunning! Can’t say I have a favorite between the coffee and fruit salad, but am totally intrigued by this approach, and this image

    1. Leah Post author

      Thanks so much, Tom! I hope nobody ever asks me to choose between coffee & fruit. :-)

      1. artisjokken

        hi Leah, by the way, do you prefer coffee or fruit ? :)

        Well, I missed this one and couple of the other stunning works …Well, I missed this one and couple of your other stunning works …I am trying to spend less time with “the round fruit of a tree of the rose family” so I do spend more time in the fresh air…:) I hope you are fine !

        1. Leah Post author

          Nooooo, please don’t make me choose! ;-) I’m glad you are enjoying the outside world, Art… there will be plenty of time in the bleak midwinter to seek the comfort of that curious, luminous, ever-ripe fruit.


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