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Malinger Acrylic on collaged text on canvas, 6"x6"


I am still wobbling from two very unpleasant bugs that have thoroughly sapped my energy, so it seems a cruel joke that the piece I’ve been working on illustrates the word “malinger”! I swear I have NOT been malingering, quite the contrary actually: working harder than I probably should have. No sooner did I begin to get over last week’s mysterious fevers than I got hit by a miserable chest cold, & I suspect that was partly because I didn’t allow myself enough rest for full recovery. So maybe I should learn something from this slothful slacker– he certainly looks a lot more comfortable than I feel right now!

Those of you who have followed my blog(s) for the past couple of Novembers can probably guess the series this piece is for. Otherwise you’ll just have to wonder for a week or two! ;-)

Original Painting & Prints available in my Etsy Shop