Shroomdweller Acrylic on collaged paper on canvas, 12"x6"


I’ve been working on this relatively small painting in between jobs for over a month now! I’ll probably tweak it a bit more yet, but I couldn’t wait to share it now that it’s finally coming close to what I envisioned. This mushroom, like its climber, is entirely imaginary, but it was inspired by various real species. If you are a fan of fungi in its many fanciful forms, be sure to check out this fascinating blog: When we die, we become one with the earth. Beautiful photos of some amazing shrooms!

The background engraving was scanned from The Practical Standard Dictionary, 1943; the borders were from an old map.

The not-so-secret message in the annulus refers to a series of books by Eleanor Cameron that I loved as a child. Working on this really made me want to reread those books!

p.s. This one’s dedicated to my friend Heather, an avid mushroom-hunter, & my father, a soon-to-be truffle farmer!

Edit: Prints of this painting (along with the original) are now available in my Etsy shop!


9 thoughts on “Shroomdweller Acrylic on collaged paper on canvas, 12"x6"

    1. Leah Post author

      Thanks, Doc! Yes, I’m hoping to have it in my shop in a couple of days. Still one or two tweaks nagging at me!

  1. Tammie

    hello Leah,
    i did not know that truffles could be farmed. i think we have some here in Montana, they grow under certain trees. if one sees a squirrel digging there, then maybe we can find them too. ;-)

    your painting is fabulous! i love all the details and the creature on it, well i adore looking at it!

    1. Leah Post author

      Thanks, Tammie! Yes, truffles do grow wild in some places, but they can also be farmed– my dad has planted a grove of trees inoculated with truffle spores. As the trees mature, the truffles should start to emerge! It’s a long-term project. :-)


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