Hyaloid Acrylic on Text on Canvas, 6″ x 6″

The last of this week’s words, hyaloid, sent me into a nostalgic reverie of my father’s chemistry lab at Duke University, which I remember from my childhood as a magical place full of mysterious vessels & devices, as well as odd smells & occasionally odd people. I found it fascinating, but also a bit frightening, possibly because I was often warned to be careful.

I felt as timid & curious as the little lab rat in this painting, gazing glassy-eyed at the experiments in progress in this decidedly non-academic laboratory. My father’s lab definitely did not feature alchemical symbols among the molecular models, but there were crystals & microscopes and all manner of wonders that inspired my imagination. And although I never followed in his scientific footsteps, it’s no accident that I named my Etsy shop Curious Art Lab.

So thank you, Dad. And to thank those of you who have followed this week of A.Word.A.Day illustrations, I’ve created a special coupon code: AWAD2019 will offer you 20% off of any order of $100 or more, through 13 December 2019. That way you can get all 5 of this week’s prints for the price of 4, but of course you can choose anything else you want from my shop. I love the people I meet through A.Word.A.Day, & I’ll be forever grateful to Anu for inviting me to wander around in his logo-laboratory!

2 thoughts on “Hyaloid Acrylic on Text on Canvas, 6″ x 6″

  1. Theresa

    Thank you for sharing your talent! I must ask, what is the symbol on the slide? I’m so glad Anu and you collaborate together. Blessings to you.

    1. Leah Post author

      Hi Theresa,
      I’m so sorry I missed this comment last year! Clearly I’m not good at keeping up with my website. %} The symbol on the slide is the alchemical symbol for glass. I love collaborating with Anu & hearing from other AWAD fans!


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