Emerging Ecosystem Pencil, acrylic & digital

Emerging Ecosystem, drawing by Leah Palmer Preiss with digital color

It’s been a while since I posted a doodle– this one started as a pencil sketch, then I played with it some more in Photoshop, using painted textures I’ve scanned, along with text from an antique children’s science book. I thought it turned out to look a bit like a valentine, if valentines were crawling with imaginary organisms.

2 thoughts on “Emerging Ecosystem Pencil, acrylic & digital

  1. Diane

    Hi, Leah!

    I love your artwork. I wish I had found your site and been able to turn my mom on to it before she died (last April). She would have loved it. She was very similarly artsy; I think it was the love of her life.

    1. Leah Post author

      Hi Diane! Thanks so much– I wish I could have connected with your mom as well. Would love to see her art!


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